The main lifestyle
magazine in Lithuania


Open conversations, honest confessions, vibrant photo shoots – that’s what magazine “Žmonės” is about. Life stories are told by acting and stage professionals, cultural enlighteners, business and academic leaders, athletes and public figures.

This magazine is about us, people: creating and changing, rising and falling, and always having a passion for life.

We are the People.


Facts and Figures

Editor-in-Chief: Gitana Bukauskienė
Start of publishing: 2000
Issued: every Thursday
Average print run: 70,000 copies
Average number of readers: 240,700
Total number of readers: 420,000
Newsstand price: 1.49 EUR
Price for subscribers: 0.94 EUR


Get inspired! Fashion and lifestyle trends magazine


Everything a modern city woman is interested in: style and fashion trends, self-knowledge, personal development, talks that will get you inspired.


Facts and Figures

Editor-in-Chief: Asta Lipštaitė
Start of publishing: 1993
Issued: 20th of each month
Average print run: 12,000
Average number of readers: 57,500
Total number of readers: 153,700


The joy to discover!
Magazine for every woman


A modern, positive and practical publication for women: inspirational interviews, guides for healthy lifestyle, recipes, interior topics and practical tips for everyday life


Facts and Figures

Editor-in-Chief: Jurga Čekatauskaitė
Start of publication: 1999
Issued: 5th of each month
Average print run: 12,000
Average number of readers: 48,800 (2.2 %)
Total number of readers: 109,500 (5 %)
Newsstand price: 1.39 EUR

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Content marketing agency


Welcome to the world of communication challenges! A captivating plot, attractive visual content and augmented reality effects – that kind of content is currently in the spotlight.

Žmonės CONTENTUM is a content marketing agency that combines innovations and an extensive experience of publishing and working with the most prominent brands.

Our craftsmanship is your leadership.



Augmented reality solutions
Social media management
Photo projects
Video projects


Distribution of periodicals
and books


One of the largest companies engaged in the distribution of periodicals and books in Lithuania and abroad. Within a well-designed logistics system, our products reach the retail shelves in less than 24 hours. By having longtime experience and vast knowledge, we are able to predict the sales of publications and so manage their circulation and availability in the market. Medipresa publications include such magazines as “Žmonės”, “Laima”, “Ji”, “Edita”, “Moteris”, “Panelė”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Moters savaitgalis”, “Prie kavos” and many others.


Online doctor
reservation system is a site where doctors and patients find each other. The only website of its kind in Lithuania, this is where you’re able not only to find the right doctor by his/her area of expertise, city or preferred time of visit, but also to register immediately for an appointment and assess the doctor afterwards by leaving feedback.


Facts and Figures

Number of doctors in the system: 9,626
Number of medical institutions in the system: 1,418
Number of online registrations: 368,940

perku knyga.png

Online bookstore


We have created "Perku knygą" to help you quickly find the book you want, buy it at an affordable price and get it delivered to wherever you are. Here you’ll find not only the most popular publishing houses, fashionable authors and their latest works, but also previously published and hard-to-find books.


Love yourself! Weekly magazine for women

Practical tips for every woman: recipes, your home, health and healthy lifestyle, leisure, love, psychology and interviews.

Facts and Figures

Editor-in-Chief: Gintarė Stanislovaitė
Start of publication: 1994
Issued: every Wednesday
Average print run: 28,000
Average number of readers: 95,300
Total number of readers: 193,700
Newsstand price: 0.89 EUR
Price for subscribers: 0.59 EUR


Stay healthy! Everything about your health

Symptoms of health problems and diseases, a directory of medicine, doctor search, health-related tips and news. At you’ll find everything you need to stay healthy the whole of your life